With its 17 years of experience, ProPM offers comprehensive project management, consultancy services and energy consultancy in the construction, design and energy sectors. He has provided consultancy, construction management and consultancy services in many national and international projects in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Maldives, Cyprus and Tajikistan with the engineers, lead auditors, Green Certificate Experts (YESU) and technical experts he has in his staff. ProPM aims to provide solutions with technological, sustainable and innovative approaches to meet all your needs in all processes from the feasibility stage to the turnkey stage of a project.

Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management

Concept, Planning and Feasibility

The concept stage of the project is the stage where the project idea is formed. At this stage, the project owner gets an idea of the project objectives, budget, timeline, and resources. The project owner determines the project characteristics and takes th

Design Management

Construction projects play an important role at every stage of the construction process, starting from the design stage. Design management is critical to the successful completion of construction projects. Design management means the management of the

Tender and Procurement Management

Tender and Procurement Management plays a vital role in the construction industry. This process is important to the success of the project and if not managed well, it can have adverse effects on project costs, schedule and quality. Tender and Procureme

Site Mobilization Management

Site mobilization management includes the management of equipment, workers and materials required to set up a construction site.

Field Control Management

Construction project management is very important in terms of site control management. This includes the follow-up and management of the work taking place in the field to ensure the successful completion of the project in the field. Site control manage

Progress Payment Management

Progress management manages the payment process for a construction project. This process includes calculating and approving the payment to the contractor, checking the fulfillment of the contract terms and monitoring the payment process. Progress manageme

Delivery Phase Management

Construction projects are complex projects where many stakeholders work together to achieve a common goal. The management phase of these projects is critical to the success of the project. In construction projects, one of the most important stages by the

Green Building / Settlement

Green Building / Settlement

Breeam Certificate Consulting

BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is a UK-based sustainability assessment system and is used to evaluate the environmental performance of buildings.

Green Building

The nationally prepared YeS-TR system is similar to the internationally known LEED (USA), BREEAM (England), DGNB (Germany), CASBEE (Japan) and GREENSTAR (Australia) Green Certificate Systems.


Leed Certificate, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate is a certificate that certifies the energy and environmental friendliness of a building or settlement.

Green Settlement

The nationally prepared YeS-TR system is similar to the internationally known LEED (USA), BREEAM (England), DGNB (Germany), CASBEE (Japan) and GREENSTAR (Australia) Green Certificate Systems.

Green Construction Project Management

Green construction project management is a management approach that aims to implement green and environmentally friendly practices during a construction project. This approach considers issues such as energy, water, waste management, material selection an

Green Building Compliance Review for Existing Buildings

Bringing existing buildings into compliance with green building standards is an important step in adopting environmentally friendly practices and energy efficiency. As PROPM, we offer comprehensive Green Building Compliance Inspection services to optimize



Mechanical Installation Projecting

Mechanical installation projecting is a process that includes the design, planning and drawings of the mechanical systems of a building or structure. Mechanical installation projecting generally includes the design of mechanical systems such as water inst

Electrical Installation Projecting

An electrical installation project is a document that includes the design of the electrical installation required to meet the electrical needs of the building or structure. This project includes how the electrical wiring will be arranged, which elements w

Building Energy Modeling

Energy modeling is a technique used to evaluate the performance and efficiency of an energy system.

Daylight Analysis and Modeling

Daylight design is concerned with how natural daylight will affect interior spaces and how these effects can be optimized during the architectural design process. This design allows daylight to affect indoor spaces either directly or reflected.

Sustainability Services

Sustainability Services

Life Cycle Assessment

The building lifecycle is the cycle from the building project to its final use. This cycle includes the planning, construction, use and maintenance phases of the building project. The end-use phase can be used as building management, maintenance or re-eva

ISO 37101 Sustainable Development Management System in Communities

The ISO 37101 Sustainable Development Management System in Communities helps communities set their priorities in terms of managing natural resources, ensuring energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and creating opportunities for social and econ

Smart Cities Consulting

Smart cities are cities that aim to increase factors such as sustainability, efficiency, safety, comfort and quality of life in urban areas by using technological infrastructure, communication and data management systems. In this context, smart cities

Sustainability Report Consultancy

ESG allows investors to evaluate not only the financial performance but also the environmental and social impact of the company.

TSE K 646 Authorized Service Conditions Compliance Consultancy Service for Electric Vehicles

TSE K 646 Authorized Service Conditions Compliance Consultancy Service for Electric Vehicles

ISO 46001 Water Efficiency Management System Consultancy

ISO 46001 Water Efficiency Management System (WEMS) is an international standard that provides a framework for organizations to improve and maintain their water efficiency. The standard helps organizations create a system to manage water resources, reduce

Green Organized Industrial Zone Consultancy

Green Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) consultancy provides a significant advantage for businesses in the field of environmentally friendly and sustainable industrialization. As Green OIZ Consultancy, we help businesses minimize their environmental impact

Border Carbon Regulation CBAM Consultancy

The EU's Border Carbon Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is an important tool implemented to evaluate the carbon released during the production of carbon-intensive products entering the EU at a fair cost and to encourage cleaner industrial production in countri



What is the CDP Carbon Disclosure Project and what are its processes?

CDP, or Carbon Disclosure Project, is an organization that aims to increase transparency and accountability in the fight against global climate change. CDP provides a platform for companies to measure...
2024-05-21 09:49:25

Building Life Cycle Analysis: A New Approach to Sustainability in the Construction Industry

Building Life Cycle Analysis is a method that evaluates the environmental impacts of a building throughout its entire life cycle. This analysis starts from obtaining the raw materials of the building,...
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Sustainability in the Energy Sector in Azerbaijan: The Role of Existing Energy Sources and Future Perspectives

The energy sector frequently comes to the fore with the concept of sustainability. Sustainable energy refers to an approach that minimizes environmental, economic and social impacts and provides a cle...
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COP29 and Sustainable Finance and Green Investments for Azerbaijan: Global Climate Change and the Economy of the Future

The COP is an annual series of conferences held between parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The UNFCCC is an international agreement adopted in Rio de Janeir...
2024-05-03 12:51:53

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